Imi Peeler Road

On this eve of July and the coming of steamier summer days, I want to welcome you to a new Sensiforous series – Imi Peeler Road!

This out-of-the-mouths-of-babes weekly series will chronicle the sweet, insightful, and often hilarious things young children say.  I have been collecting such quotes for several years now, from family, friends, and colleagues, and the time has come to share them.  While the charm of children’s expressions is clear, the font of endless possibilities for adding to the collection makes this project especially enjoyable and worthwhile.

I’m jump-starting this series with a trio of quotes today, and will post a single quote each Monday hereafter, beginning July 10.   The title of the series, Imi Peeler Road, is a nod to my brother Mike, who is featured first in today’s initial installment.

1.  At the start of a road trip from Atlanta, GA to Washington, DC my brother Mike spied an interstate sign and asked, “Imi Peeler Road?  Imi Peeler Road?  What kind of name is that for a road?”  Older siblings  clarified that the sign actually read “1mi (mile) Peeler Road.” 

2.   Around the age of 5, my mother joined me in the examination room following my dental appointment.

Dentist, to me:  “You did a great job.  And you’re a very pretty little girl.”                                                                                                                                      Me:   “Flattery will get you nowhere.”                                                                     My mother:  silent, her head in her hand.

3.  My friend Nicki, at the age of 4, to her mother and aunt as they left the theatre after watching Walt Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty”:        “How come the pretty lady didn’t win?”


Now it’s your turn.  I invite you to submit your own favorite quotes from young children — charming, hilarious, or surprising things you said as a child, things your own children have said, or things you have heard others’ children say.   Leave them in the comment section, and I’ll review and post them in future installments.  Let’s make this a joint venture, shall we?

Because, well …

“You know, it takes a whole band to play a song.”  (5 year-old boy at Oakton Community College Early Childhood Center)