Green Balls of Doom – Part II

Brussels Sprouts on Cutting Board

A loyal Sensiforous follower recently contacted me about my post from December 22, 2013.  Here’s an excerpt from her note:

Dear Sheila,

First, let me tell you how thoroughly enjoyable and informative I find your blog!  It’s masterful in its sophistication and content.  It’s actually the best blog I ever followed, and I follow hundreds!  I’ve told all my friends and colleagues to visit and subscribe.  I’ve even marched up and down Michigan Avenue in downtown Chicago with a bullhorn to advertise for you, but I keep getting handcuffed by very polite police officers and taken into the police station.  Maybe I need to try something different.  I’ll give that some thought.

Anyway, in your December 22 “Green Balls of Doom” post, you included a recipe for Brussels Sprouts with Spicy Bacon.  I tried it and absolutely loved it!!!

Could you please publish some more Brussels sprouts recipes?

With deep admiration,

[name withheld]

Dear ________________________________,

Thank you so much for your kind note!  You make me blush.

The recipe in the “Green Balls of Doom” post was given to me by my friend Nicki Denofrio.  She’s the friend to whom I refer in that post, who inspired me to change my attitude about Brussels sprouts, and who coined the name for them, thus inspiring the title for the essay.

Nicki has a little blog of her own.  I think it’s or something like that.  It’ OK, I guess.  She does a few things, has some interests, you know.  She’s a professional musician.  She sings a little. She writes.   She’s kind of a fashion connoisseur.  She’s a former race car driver.  She might be a decent cook, but I can’t really prove that.  You might want to check out her blog.  Subscribe, maybe.  If you’ve got the time, that is.

But enough about her.  Back to me.

While I don’t have any Brussels sprouts recipes readily at hand to share with you, I did take some time to come up with some potentially very creative recipes and uses for this versatile, if sadly unattractive, vegetable.  It has always gotten a bad rap.  And I’m here to change that.

Girl with Brussels sprouts

Here’s a list of some exciting new ways to prepare and present Brussel sprouts.  Check ’em out!

Brussels Sprouts People (create human body by connecting sprouts with tooth picks)

Bobbing for Brussels Sprouts (switch out your aluminum beer bucket for this great new fall party game!)

Chocolate Covered Brussels Sprouts (for the vegetarian who’s ready for a break)

Heads Will Roll! (Next Halloween, jam 2 raisins into each Brussels sprout and pass out to the trick-or-treaters instead of candy.  You’ll totally freak ’em out!)

Brussels Sprouts Smoothies  (Jam ’em into your Cuinsinart and let ‘er rip!)

Brussels Sprouts Pops (a veggie version of the popular cake pop)

Brussels Sprouts Ice Pops (dice them up, sprinkle into an ice cube tray, fill with water, insert a popsicle stick, and freeze)

Green Mean Balls (seal a Brussels sprout into hamburger meat, and roll into a ball, and bake — careful, though:  don’t jam it into your mouth all at once — you might make a bad impression!!)

Edible Christmas Tree (insert enough Brussels sprouts into a cone-shaped piece of styro-foam; coat with white sprinkles for  snowflakes)

Clams With a Prize (for your next beach theme party, cut Brussels sprouts in half, and place a cheap plastic pearl inside one of them; close them all back up, and invite your guests to see who wins the “prize” — what a laugh they’ll have!  But not as much as you will!)

Mr. Turtle (cut 3-4 Brussels sprouts in half, and connect the pieces together on a plate to form a turtle — a great way to introduce your young child to this wonderful vegetable and teach him about amphibians at the same time; OK, it may take 5 or 6 tries, but everything’s a process, right?)

I hope you get a chance to try out at least one of these ideas!

And … as a bonus, here are some additional non-cooking ideas for any left-over sprouts that didn’t make their way into any of the afore-mentioned recipes. These are great for children.
But adults will enjoy them, too!   Check ’em out!

Brussels Sprouts Pendulums/Brussels Sprouts Juggling Balls/Brussels Sprouts Catapults/Brussels Sprouts Marble Games/Brussels Sprouts Bozo Buckets (use soup cans — a real challenge)/Brussels Sprouts Bowling (use empty 12oz. plastic bottles)/Brussels Sprouts Bocce Ball/Juggling Brussels Sprouts/Brussels Sprouts Ball in the Cup/Create a Brussels Sprouts Tower Race (using wooden skewers — with adult supervision, of course).

And if the above isn’t enough, use Brussels sprouts as door stoppers; as substitutes for rose petals at wedding ceremonies and for romantic interludes; as Christmas tree ornaments; as a Christmas tree wreath; or as worry balls.

Brussels sprouts wreath

I hope you get a chance to try one of my recipe or activity suggestions.  Let me know how it works out!

Thanks to my devoted reader and to my  gifted friend and colleague Nicki Denofrio for the Brussels Sprouts conversion and inspiration.

Keep those cards and letters coming!






2 thoughts on “Green Balls of Doom – Part II”

  1. Does Forest Gump know you’ve ripped off all of his Bubba-Gump monikers?
    I like the door stopper idea. Cat toys would work. Re-enactment of Marie Antoinette’s head loss, perhaps?
    Write on, my friend! Love it.

  2. Of course FG doesn’t know. And, as a fellow cat owner, how did I miss that idea? My deepest thanks. I would like to try your Marie Antoinette idea as a Halloween lawn display. This is way too much fun, me thinks.

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