Imi Peeler Road 19

Today’s installment comes from a rather insightful 4 year-old boy, during a classroom discussion about growing up and becoming an adult.

“I’m not growing up.  I don’t want to lose my options.  When you grow up, you lose all your options.  When I grow up, I’ll only have two options.  You have five options when you’re a kid.”


Your turn!  Comment on this quote or submit a favorite child-quote of your own, for consideration in a future post.

4 thoughts on “Imi Peeler Road 19”

  1. Indeed! Without identifying said options, I think this child has decided that options shrink and responsibilities increase with age.

  2. I think his father and/or mother works on the Commodities Exchange where they trade options. He doesn’t know the meaning of the word but likes using it to sound like a grownup.

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