Imi Peeler Road 20

Today’s installment comes from a statement overheard several years ago during a meeting with another instructor at school, as her children sat nearby.  Her 7 year-old son was speaking to his 9 year-old sister.

“You can’t have everything you want, you know.  You can’t just have anything.  You can’t get a pony for your birthday.”


Your turn!  Respond to this quote or submit a favorite child quote of your own, for consideration in a future post.

4 thoughts on “Imi Peeler Road 20”

  1. The seven-year old sounds like he may have been channeling Mick Jagger and the Stones!

    Maybe not a pony, but, “you get what you need!”

  2. My exact thoughts as I was posting this, TJ! And … Sheryl Crow’s “It’s not having what you want – it’s wanting what you’ve got.”

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