Imi Peeler Road 8

Installment 8 is presented in recognition of today’s return to school for many children across the country.  It is taken from a large-group discussion an early childhood teacher was holding with her class of 3-4 year-olds.  She asked them what they thought was important about school.

A 4 year-old girl responded, “It should be good, because we have to be comfortable there.”


Your turn!  You are cordially invited to comment on this quote or to contribute one of your own.


2 thoughts on “Imi Peeler Road 8”

  1. I agree. School should be comfortable. With my daughter starting 6th grade, we’ve been spending time at her new school for their boot camp – getting the new students familiar with the school, their teachers, and letting them learn where they need to go to get to each class on time. Lots to adjust to. My daughter’s biggest concern? Will I have any time to watch TV after doing my homework?

  2. Thanks, Leslie. School should be comfortable at any age, and the bridge between home and school should be strong. I’m guessing that this 4 year-old’s perspective comes from having had a positive first school experience — critical to children’s view of school in general.

    Your daughter is facing stronger expectations for learning and achievement, and that can be daunting. If parents and school representatives have the child’s best interests at heart, and view learning as a combination of exploration, problem-solving, and self-discovery, children thrive.

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