Imi Peeler Road – No. 2

This is number 2 in  Imi Peeler Road, a new series that explores the sweet, unexpectedly wise and often hilarious things that young children say.  Their ideas give us pause and help us view the world through a new lens.

Today’s installment is from a 4 year-old boy, not feeling well, while talking to his mother.

Boy:  “I just really need to be in nature right now. ”                                   Mother:  “Where?”                                                                                                        Boy:  “Like a walk in the woods.”


Your turn!

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One thought on “Imi Peeler Road – No. 2”

  1. One house rule was that we were forbidden from walking or crawling behind the end table with the lamp. My 5 year old sister had lost her raggedy ann doll and was behind the table looking for it when daddy
    came in the room and angrily asked,”are you looking for trouble?” My
    sister replied, “no daddy, I’m looking for my raggedy ann doll.”

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