Imi Peeler Road 26 – Christmas Installment B

As many folks enter the what is probably the most frenzied 48 hours of the Christmas holiday season, I offer this anecdote.

A 4 year-old child watched as her parents worked to prop up the Christmas tree, her father prone on the living room floor, feverishly twisting the screws into the trunk as her mother struggled to hold the tree straight.  At the allotted time, the couple stepped away to admire their efforts, when the tree dropped forward,  knocking her mother into the coffee table and twirling face-first onto the carpet, where she volleyed a string expletives.

Said the 4 year-old, quietly, “Mommy, are you stressed?”


Your turn!  Comment on this quote or submit a favorite child-quote of your own, for consideration in a future  post.

2 thoughts on “Imi Peeler Road 26 – Christmas Installment B”

  1. Hee hee! Thanks, Rosann. Nothing like a child’s words to put something in perspective. The understatement is a combination of concern and maybe even a little trepidation.

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