My Summer Pledge Drive


This afternoon at work, two department members and I were catching up before starting a meeting.  The topic of conversation turned to the theme for a future blog post, which then moved into my invitation to view my site.    As I began to describe to them the ease and benefits of subscribing to my blog, my colleague inquired, “Is there a prize?”

Well, that depends on how one defines “prize.”

For anyone who spends more than five minutes listening to a pubic radio station, you know that it is high-pledge season — that time when the entire staff of the radio station, their best friends, family members, and beloved pets  chirp from 7 am to 7pm about the benefits of establishing or renewing a subscription to the station — and a reminder that at least 50% of the station’s income is from subscribers like yourself.

To encourage your pledge, they work hour after hour to hook you with a myriad of gifts in exchange for your pledge.  During the typical two-week period, the pledge gifts expand in value and popularity.  Pledge during the first few days of the drive, for example,  and you might win a radio station back pack with a sleeve that holds a 16-ounce water bottle.  Pledge during the final two days of the drive and you could win an iPad Air or a week-end wine-tasting trip in Napa Valley.

So, when my colleague asked me if there was a prize connected to subscribing to my blog, I thought, “Gosh, by golly, there really oughta be.”

So here it is, Dear Readers.  The First Annual Sensiforous Itty Bitty Teeny Weeny Pledge Drive is on, and will be a mere 24 hours in length.  (I defy any public radio or television station to beat that time frame.)  Your job:  encourage others to subscribe to this blog.  Sign up enough new subscribers to Sensiforous, and you might just win a cool prize, outlined below.

But it won’t be easy.  I’d posit that the challenge involved here is equivalent to a board member’s matching gift challenge during the last half hour of morning pledge shift.   You will need to work quickly.  You may need to cut a deal here and there.  Beg.  Threaten.  As a Chicago  resident, I know this won’t be hard for my local readers.

But you’re lucky, because I’m giving you nearly a full day’s advance notice prior to the start of this drive — even if saying “advance notice” is redundant.

The Sensiforous Itty Bitty Teeny Weenie Pledge drives runs from midnight, Thursday, June 26 through midnight, Friday, June 27, 2014.

Here’s the gift line-up.

Gift for signing up 100 new Sensiforous subscribers:   a 2014 Dodge Charger


Gift for securing 50  new Sensiforous subscribers:  a Trek X-Caliber 29 Mountain Bike

Trek X-Caliber 29 Mountain Bike

Gift for acquiring 25 new Sensiforous subscribers:  a Wusthof Classic 12-Piece Knife Block Set

Wusthof 12-Piece Knife Set

Gift for enlisting 10 new Sensiforous subscribers:  a charming I Love my Cat mug from Café Press

I Love my Cat Mug

And, finally, the gift for arranging 5 new Sensiforous subscribers:  lunch with me, at the restaurant of your choice.

SMK in Blue Dress

Acceptable forms of verification of  your procured subscriptions:  email agreements, notarized contracts, photographs of new subscribers in the act of subscribing, auditory recordings of subscribers giving in … I mean … agreeing to sign up, text exchanges.  Other documentation not listed here may be submitted, but I have final approval.

Well?  What are you waiting for?  A Chicago Cubs Pennant?  Get a move on!

This is going to be so much fun!!

And enjoy yourselves.  Think about the valuable civic and cultural commitment you are demonstrating by giving attention to the compositional musings of your compatriot.


My thanks to Nora, for inspiring this essay.


6 thoughts on “My Summer Pledge Drive”

  1. Shameless! Shameless plugs for gaining followers! (Is my envy ringing in your ears yet?!

    This post is hilarious, and if any of your readers haven’t figured you out after reading this one, well… then we need to have a little sit-down-chatski with ’em.

    Thanks for the uproarious laughter! Now where’s my mug?

  2. Marsha, with 5 readers to get lunch with me, silly! If you want the mug you need to pull 10 subscribers. (Are you saying you’d take the mug over me …?)

  3. How about a mug with *your* mug on it? I’d wear a sandwich board sign on Michigan Avenue to drum up subscribers for you!

  4. Awwww my Kay Pee — you make me blush … not that hard to do. I so appreciate the endorsement!

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