National Toy Hall of Fame 2016 Inductees

Three new toys were inducted to The National Toy Hall of Fame at the annual ceremony this morning.

Were your favorites among them?

The swing, girl-on-swing

Fisher-Price Little People, littlepeople

and the Dungeons and Dragons game


are this year’s winners, bringing the total museum collection to 62.  I’m happy to see that my nominee, The Swing, was included.

Here is a bonus image of a friend’s stuffed animal that is likely 60 years old.  tjs-stuffed-monkey

This cuddly little guy was his go-to transitional object for bedtime.  He’s held up surprisingly well — testimony to the enduring influence of well-crafted toys.

So, how did you fare?  Chime in with your comments, and send along any of your own images of your favorite toys!

Long live play.