Sheila Kerwin

Sheila Kerwin is a writer and consultant in Early Childhood Education.  She is fascinated by the influence of the early years on adult life, and has special interest in the realm of social-emotional development.    Her essays feature personal stories, professional anecdotes and general observations of self and others.   She looks forward to hearing from you!


4 thoughts on “SENSIFOROUS”

  1. My mom tells a story (usually about my older brother but the “who” sometimes floats) that when Joeneeded to bring a copy of his birth certificate when he enrolled in first grade in anew school. Apparently his wasn’t keeping track and came home teary and fretful. “Mom, “ quoth he “I lost my excuse for being born “.

  2. Two weeks after we brought our second son home from the hospital his four year old brother said to me, “Okay, mom. You can take him back now”.

  3. Hahahaha! Thanks, Barb! A delayed reaction, of sorts. The “It’s been fun, but I’m done now” response.

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